Subhrajit Makur

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Senior Software Development Engineer with over 6 years of experience in designing and implementing scalable software solutions across various platforms. Efficient in backend development and micro-services architecture, with notable projects including a 10% enhancement in provisioning efficiency using Argo Workflow, and a 50% reduction in MongoDB server expenses through strategic optimizations. Adept in transforming complex workflows and enhancing system performance, ready to leverage extensive expertise to innovate and drive results as a Senior Software Engineer.


  • Languages: Python, Go, JavaScript, Rust, Java, TypeScript, nodejs

  • Tools: Apache Kafka, Redis, PyTorch, Git, Kubernetes, Docker, Argo Workflow, MLflow, ML Pipeline, Pulumi

  • Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis

  • Technical: Design Patterns, Web Development, Distributed Systems, Event-Driven Systems

  • Cloud: AWS, AWS lambda, AWS RDS, Route 53, API Gateway

  • SENIOR BACKEND DEVELOPER (Impact Analytics | NOV 2023 - Continue )

    • Developed and implemented a variety of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) frameworks, and utilized Optimize way to effectively present them. This approach aids customers in forecasting their future sales with greater accuracy.
    • Addressed issues with special characters encountered during the search process and report downloading. Enhanced the system for storing and retrieving input data in the database, ensuring accurate display and handling of the data.
    • Built an Auto Scheduler to Schedule Product allocation, Assign to store and other required activities.
  • SENIOR BACKEND DEVELOPER (Tessell | NOV 2022 - APR 2023 )

    • Built password policy for existing and forthcoming users, thereby empowering them to control their own and managed user password protocols.
    • Leveraged Argo Workflow to transform multiple synchronous services into asynchronous ones by efficiently allocating the required resources, resulting in a 10% boost in provisioning efficiency.
  • BACKEND DEVELOPER (Zupee | AUG 2021 - AUG 2022 )

    • Architect and launched a multitude of critical services, intricately interlinked with Kafka and Zookeeper logging, which streamlined the monitoring process and detection of configuration changes within each pod, thereby enhancing developer efficiency in issue identification by 30%.
    • Collaborated with various teams to optimize and backup MongoDB in the current services to accommodate increased traffic volume while avoiding any data loss. This initiative resulted in a 50% reduction in MongoDB server expenses.
  • BACKEND DEVELOPER (Opendatafabric | JAN 2021 - JUL 2021 )

    • Engineered and expanded several vital components from the ground up, including the gRPC framework-based Cha Service, which is responsible for the distribution of all other core services.
  • BACKEND DEVELOPER (Razorpay | JUN 2019 - SEP 2020)

    • Architectured, developed, and scaled multiple core components from scratch - e.g. Referral System Impact: 3x growth of GMV observed in 4 weeks.
    • Used standard Google OAuth 2.0 framework to allow merchants to signup and log In Razorpay’s Dashboard
    • Redesigned email verification of new businesses.
      • Impact: growth was observed in MTU conversion, 7% more merchants were now completing their signup process.

    • Created a dashboard to oversee the progress, estimations, and other aspects of internal projects.


Indian Institute of Technology | Master of Technology (CSE) | Jul 2017 - June 2019 | Chennai, India

Jadavpur University | Bachelor of Engineering (CSE) | Jul 2008 - Jun 2012 | Kolkata, India


SlashGPT | Oct 2023

  • Enable OpenAI's ChatGPT in web browsers
  • $250+ sales to 10+ customers

Building Search app on Patent | Jun - Oct 2023

  • U.S. patent search app with Golang micro-service
  • Focus on scalability, security, maintainability

Golang Micro-service Development | Aug 2023

  • Robust Golang micro-service implementation
  • Best practices for scalability and security

gRPC Game Statistics Service | Jul 2023

  • gRPC and Protocol Buffers for geographic insights
  • Docker for consistent deployment and scalability